What is BidSlot℠?

I just wanted to say that this works great. I’m on my 2 weak and i have sold

4 out of the 6 bids. I don’t know how she does it but it works.“, Matthew in GA.

BidSlot℠ is a service that arranges meetings between service providers and potential customers.  A single slot represents 3 bids total, so a 2 Slot™ package represents 6 bid appointments, a 5 Slot™ is 15 bids, and the great value 10 Slot™ is 30 bid appointments set for you.  Every BidSlot℠ is personalized for your company.  Your unique business service offerings make your company special in its own way, and BidSlot℠ designs a marketing program to represent your company in the best possible way to your market.

BidSlot℠ Marketing is not a typical lead generating firm.  We do not supply you with “tire kicker” leads that will only waste your time and energy.  Each bid you get is a potential customer that is interested in your services.  All you have to do is pitch your service or perform your demo, and close the deal.

**NEW CUSTOMERS**  Our Terms of Agreement must be signed and returned before we can move forward with your program.  Please call or email before purchasing your program.  Thank You.